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Ease of Living Index (EoLI)


The Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has released the final rankings of Ease of Living Index (EoLI) 2020.


  • The assessment framework on ‘Ease of Living’ (EoL) Index for cities was launched in June 2017
  • The objective of framing an index to enable a shift to data driven approach in urban planning and management and promote healthy competition among cities.
  • The first Liveability Report was published in August 2018.
  • The current edition of The Ease of Living Index 2019-20, which has been improved from the earlier version, is more focused on outcomes.
  • It also seeks to simplify and evaluate the complexities in local governance practice and promote the ethos of transparency and accountability.
  • The MPI examined the sectoral performance of 111 municipalities (with Delhi being assessed separately for NDMC, and the three Municipal Corporations).
  • The five verticals under MPI are Services, Finance, Policy, Technology and Governance. These five verticals comprise 20 sectors and 100 indicators in all totality.
  • The assessment framework under MPI 2020 has classified municipalities based on their population:
    • Million+ (municipalities having over a million population) and
    • Less than a Million Population.

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Provide Holistic Assessment:

These indices provide a holistic assessment of cities based on their efforts to cultivate better quality of life, create infrastructure, and address challenges of urbanization.

Help In Overcoming Deficiencies:

Learnings gathered from these indices can help the government identify gaps, tap into potential opportunities, and increase efficiency in local governance to improve the lives of citizens and fulfil broader development outcomes.

Complement SDG Goals:

These indicators are also linked with the majority of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specially to the SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities And Communities).

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