Australia India Education and Skill Council (AIESC)

The Australia India Education and Skill Council (AIESC) is a bilateral initiative aimed at promoting cooperation and collaboration in the field of education between Australia and India. The council serves as a platform for dialogue and partnership between the two countries to enhance educational ties and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise in education and research.

Some of the key objectives and areas of focus for the Australia India Education and Skill Council may include:

1. Promoting student mobility: Facilitating the exchange of students between Australia and India, encouraging Indian students to study in Australia, and vice versa.

2. Strengthening research collaboration: Encouraging joint research projects, partnerships between universities, and sharing of research findings.

3. Enhancing the quality of education: Sharing best practices in curriculum development, teaching methods, and quality assurance.

4. Facilitating vocational education and training: Promoting the development and recognition of vocational education and training programs in both countries.

5. Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship: Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in the education sector, with a focus on technology and innovation.

6. Engaging with industry: Collaborating with industry partners to align education and training programs with the needs of the job market.


The First Australia India Education and Skill Council (AIESC) meeting will be held tomorrow at IIT Gandhinagar. The AIESC, earlier the Australian India Education Council (AIEC), is a bi-national body established in 2011 to guide the strategic direction of the education, training and research partnerships between the two countries. The scope of this forum was enhanced in alignment with the national priorities of both countries to bring focus on promoting internationalisation, two-way mobility and collaboration in the domains of education as well as the skill ecosystem.

This is for the first time that education and skilling is being brought under the same institutional forum. The visit is expected to foster collaboration, participation and synergy in critical areas of mutual interest in the education and the skill domain.

Source: PIB

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