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Charter Act of 1833

Historical Background

  1. Introduction of liberalization and laissez faire
  2. The Reform Act of 1832 was the result of the liberal movement.

Lord William Bentick

Provisions Charter Act of 1833:

  • The final step towards centralization in British India.
  • End of East India Company as a Commercial Body and it was made a purely administrative body
  • Governor General of India (All civil and military power).
  • Lord William Bentick was the first governor-general of India.
  • Addition of Fourth Member in Governor-General in Council  (this fourth members of the council was Lord Macaulay)
  • Codifying the Laws: This act provided that all laws made in India were to be laid before the British parliament and were to be known as Acts. The laws made under the previous acts were called as Regulations while laws made under this act were called as Acts.
  • India’s First Law Commission Lord Macaulay was made its Chairman
  • Indians in the Government service (attempted to introduce a system of open competition for selection of civil servants)
  • Mitigation of Slavery
  • To adopt measures to mitigate the state of slavery, persisting in India since sultanate Era

Importance of Charter Act of 1833:

  1. The final step towards centralization in British India.
  2. codification of the laws 
  3. The legislative functions of the Governor General in Council were separated from the executive functions for the first time.

Source: M. Laxmikant

THE COMPANY RULE (1773–1858)THE CROWN RULE (1858–1947)
1. Regulating Act of 17731. Government of India Act of 1858
2. Pitt’s India Act of 17842. Indian Councils Act of 1861
3. Charter Act of 18333. Indian Councils Act of 1892
4. Charter Act of 18534. Indian Councils Act of 1909
 5. Government of India Act of 1919
 6. Government of India Act of 1935
 7. Indian Independence Act of 1947

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