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Knowledge Involvement in Research Advancement through Nurturing-KIRAN Scheme

Department of Science and Technology

About KIRAN Scheme:

  • Knowledge Involvement in Research Advancement through Nurturing (KIRAN Scheme) by the Department of Science and Technology (DST)for promoting women in science. In the year 2014, DST restructured all women specific programmes under one umbrella called Knowledge Involvement in Research Advancement through Nurturing (KIRAN).
  • It encompasses women-exclusive schemes and encourages them to foster their career by undertaking research in Science and Technology (S&T) and also focusing on S&T solutions of issues & challenges at the grassroots level for social benefits.
  • The mandate of KIRAN Program is to bring gender parity in S&T through gender mainstreaming.
  • Women Scientist Scheme (WOS) addresses challenges faced by S&T qualified women primarily due to social responsibilities.
  • Its two components WOS-A and WOS-B are directly implemented by KIRAN Division and the third component WOS-C or KIRAN-IPR is implemented by TIFAC with grant-in-aid from DST
  • It also provides fellowship support ranging from Rs 25000 to 55000 to women ranging in the age group 27 to 57 years for continuing higher education in Science and Technology after a break in career.
  • It is aimed to provide an opportunity to women scientists who are facing difficulties in their present job due to relocation and will act as filler while searching for other career options at new places.
  • 20 women technology parks have been established which act as windows for providing information, creating awareness, giving training for appropriate technologies leading to skill up gradation.


  • To increase the number of women researchers in India.
  • Provide Research grants particularly to those female researchers and technologists who had to take a break in career owing to household reasons.
  • Bring about, as far as achievable, gender parity in the field of science and technology.

Other Government Schemes – To Boost Participation of Women in Science & Technology

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) through various schemes is trying to boost the participation of women in Science and Technology at multiple levels. Some of the Government schemes are listed below.

  1. Women Scientist Scheme-A (WOS-A) – The objective is to help women pursue research in basic or applied sciences in the areas of science and engineering.
  2. Women Scientists Scheme-B (WOS-B) – This scheme focuses on boosting participation of women in science and technology with the objective of providing solutions at grassroots level for social benefit.
  3. Women Scientists Scheme – C (WOS-C) – This scheme aims to promote self employment and sustainable careers for women in science and technology. One year internship will be provided in the domain of intellectual property rights (IPR). 
  4. Women Entrepreneur Quest (WEQ) – This is to promote women entrepreneurs in the domain of technology start-ups. The winners of WEQ competition will be sent to Silicon Valley to help them learn all about the startup ecosystem in the silicon valley and meet all the stakeholders.
  5. Science & Technology for Women (S&T for women) – This program comes under the KIRAN scheme. Focus was to improve gender equality and empower women in science. After its launch more than 500 technologies have been developed.
  6. Consolidation of University Research For Innovation and Excellence in Women (CURIE) – This program was launched in 2009. The objective of this mission was to strengthen the Research and Development (R&D) infrastructure of women only universities. This has led to an increase in the number of quality research papers in the reputed journals.
  7. Vigyan Jyothi – The aim was to increase the interaction of girl students with the women scientists working in premier institutes like IIT and other institutes of repute. This was done to encourage and promote science to girl students with the hope that they would build a career in science and technology inspired by the women scientists.
  8. Indo-US Fellowship for Women in STEMM – This program gives opportunities for women to carry out collaborative research in premier US research institutes. The Government would take care of all the needs of the women scientists and they just have to focus on progressing in the field of science and technology. The program is available for women in a wide range of age groups, so that even women who have taken a career break are encouraged to return back to the research field.

Source: PIB

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