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Economic Survey 2021-22

 Economic survey (Digital)     Context: The Union Minister for Finance & Corporate Affairs, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Economic ...
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Improved Monetary Policy Transmission

Context: The monetary policy was significantly eased from March 2020 onwards owing to the unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic and remained ...
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The Bare Necessities (Economic Survey 2020-21)

Context: Economic Survey 2020-21 underlined the importance of access to bare necessities of housing, water, sanitation, electricity and clean cooking ...
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Poverty Alleviation (Economic Survey 2020-21)

Context: “Given India’s stage of development, India must continue to focus on economic growth to lift the poor out of ...
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India’s Response to Covid-19 (Economic Survey)

Ministry of Finance “Saving a life that is in jeopardy is the origin of Dharma”, the Economic Survey quotes from ...
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