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Delhi’s electric vehicle plan


The Delhi government is aiming to improve electric vehicle charging infrastructure in order to transition to Battery Electric Vehicles.


The government had launched Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy so that it can contribute to 25 per cent of the total new vehicle registrations by 2024. 


  • The government plans to install 500 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points at 100 locations.

  • New constructions should have EV chargers in 20 per cent of its parking spaces, and those with more than 100 parking spaces should keep 5 per cent for such chargers.

  • Most of the charging stations will come up in land owned by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). It will support charging for 5 vehicles at a time and will be at a distance of 3 Km from each other.

  • Private companies will set up the charging stations and recover the cost of it by charging service fees. The company charging the lowest service fee charge will be considered for the award.

  • The government will ensure that electric power is supplied to the stations with the required load. The station will also provide batter swapping facility.

Cost of charging

The government has fixed the unit and tariff charges for EVs at Rs 4.5/kwh and Rs 4, respectively.

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