General Studies IHISTORYMedieval India

600 CE TO 1200 CE : Early Medieval India

Period from c.600-750 CE: Northern India

  •  A. The Vardhana Dynasty or Pushyabhutis of Thanesar
  • B. The Maitrakas  
  • C. The Maukharies

Period from c.600-750 CE : Southern India


  • A. Western Chalukyas of Badami
  • B. The Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi
  • C. The Chalukyas of Lata


  • A. The Pallavas of Kanchi 
  • B. The Chalukyas of Badami
  • C. The Pandyas of Madurai

The period from Phase I- c.750−1000CE / Phase II- 1000-1200 CE: Northern India

  • A. The Pratihara dynasty
  • B. The Palas of Bengal  
  • C. The Rashtrakutas  
  • D. The Age of Conflicts

Period from c. 850-1200 CE: southern India / Chola Dynasty

The Salama Dynasty of Assam(c. 800−1000 CE)

The Eastern Gangas of the Orissa

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