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India Meteorological Department (IMD) celebrates its 146th Foundation Day


India Meteorological Department is a government was established in 1875. It is the National Meteorological Service of the country and the principal government agency in all matters relating to meteorology and allied subjects.

  • To take meteorological observations and to provide current and forecast meteorological information for optimum operation of weather-sensitive activities like agriculture, irrigation, shipping, aviation, offshore oil explorations, etc.
  • To warn against severe weather phenomena like tropical cyclones, norwesters, duststorms, heavy rains and snow, cold and heat waves, etc., which cause destruction of life and property.
  • To provide meteorological statistics required for agriculture, water resource management, industries, oil exploration and other nation-building activities.
  • To conduct and promote research in meteorology and allied disciplines.
India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Agriculture

India Meteorological Department (IMD) provides direct services to the farming community. 

  • Set up in 1932, the Division of Agricultural Meteorology has its office in Pune.
  • It was established to minimize the impact of adverse weather on crops. 
  • IMD also provides information to take advantage of favorable weather conditions that may result in a boost in agricultural yield.

Services of the Division can be listed as follows:

  • Gramin Krishi Mausam Seva
  • Dissemination of Agromet Advisories
  • Feedback & Awareness of Agromet Service
  • Training Programme to AMFUs (Agro-Meteorological Field Units)
Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and Aviation

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Director-General of Civil Aviation of India (DGCA) call for services and data that are crucial to the national and international civil aviation sector.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) monitors the development of tropical cyclones in its area of responsibility and provides advisory information to ICAO, DGCA, Meteorological Watch offices in the country and neighboring countries as well. 

India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Water Issues in the Country

IMD renders assistance and advice on the meteorological aspects of hydrology, water management, and multipurpose river valley project management. These services are utilized by the Central Water Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources, Railways, Damodar Valley Corporation Flood Control Authorities, and the State Governments. The Hydromet Division of IMD offers information on various rainfall projects through its ‘Customised Rainfall Information System (CRIS)’, in the form of reports and maps on the CRIS portal.

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