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Indigenously developed aircraft carrier for Indian Navy, INC-1, has started its trial runs before induction into service.


 INC-1 has been christened INS Vikrant, India’s first aircraft carrier that was decommissioned from service few years ago.

Details of IAC-1

  • IAC-1 is the first aircraft carrier that is designed and built completely in India. It elevates India into an elite league of countries having such capabilities.

  • Aircraft carriers are important part of a country’s marine assets that enhances the capability of the Navy to operate far from home.

  • Having multiple aircraft carriers is central to country’s Blue water policy. This policy projects a country’s capacities on high seas.

  • Aircraft carrier is the leader of battle group but is also vulnerable to enemy strikes. It is thus escorted by number of frigates, submarines, destroyers, missile cruisers and supply ship.

Stats of the ship

  • Top speed: 28 knots

  • Cruising speed: 18 knots

  • Total crew: 1700


  • MIG-29K fighter aircraft

  • Kamov-31 early warning helicopters

  • MH-60R multi-role aircrafts

  • Indigenous Advanced Light Helicopters


The ship was designed by Directorate of Naval Design (DND) and built indigenously by Cochin Shipyard Limited, a public sector company.


Only five or six nations currently hold the capacity to develop indigenous aircraft carriers. They are one of the world’s most complex and advanced ships.

Previous aircraft carriers

  • India’s earlier aircraft carriers were either built by Russia or Britain. INS Vikramaditya, the current lone aircraft carrier was earlier known as Admiral Gorshkov of Russia.

  • Previously decommissioned INS Vikrant and INS Virat were British ships known as HMS Hercules and HMS Hermes before getting enrolled into Indian Navy.

  • More than 76 percent of the equipment used in the ship is indigenous. The ship has benefitted large number of Indian manufacturers and companies.

Source: PIB

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