India’s stand against Sri Lanka at United Nations


India abstained itself from voting in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on a resolution against Sri Lanka.


This is the eighth resolution taken by UNHRC against Sri Lanka since the end of civil war against LTTE.


  • The major observation is that India’s voting is not uniform but rather based on the situation of the government, including coalition with Tamil parties. There are also concerns of geopolitics in its voting.

  • The resolution was called 46/L1 and was aimed at giving more power to Human Rights Commissioner to investigate violations of international humanitarian law in Sri Lanka during the period of civil war.

  • The resolution says that all parties including LTTE have indulged in violation of human rights and the present government cannot be trusted to address the shortcomings. 

  • The resolution aims at providing independence of the judiciary and institutions responsible for protection and promotion of human rights of marginalised communities such as Tamils and Muslims.

Voting pattern

  • Japan, Indonesia, Bahrain, India and Nepal were among the 14 countries that abstained during the voting.

  • China, Cuba, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, and Venezuela voted against the UNHRC resolution.

  • UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay were among the 22 countries that voted in the favour of resolution.

Previous voting

  • India voted against Sri Lanka during 2013 resolution citing the lack of progress by Sri Lanka in commitments given in 2009.

  • India abstained from resolution in 2014 and called for an independent and credible investigation into alleged violations by armed forces.

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