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Key Highlights of EXERCISE INDRA-21:

  • The Indo – Russia joint training Exercise INDRA-21 commenced at Prudboy Ranges, Volgograd on 04 Aug 2021 with an impressive opening ceremony that saw the unfurling of the National Flags of both countries.
  • Exercise INDRA 2021 will enhance interoperability between the Indian and Russian Armies .
  • The aim of the exercise is to facilitate joint training between Indian and Russian Armies to jointly plan and conduct counter terror operations under the United Nations mandate.
  • The conduct of the exercise will also entail academic discussions between expert groups of both contingents.
  • The exercise will focus on unit level joint planning and conduct of anti terrorist operations and will include cordon & search operations, intelligence gathering and sharing, perception management, humanitarian laws and hostage rescue in simulated settings.
  • Exercise INDRA – 2021 will strengthen mutual confidence, interoperability and enable sharing of best practices between both the armed forces. It will be another landmark event in the history of Indo-Russian defence cooperation.

About INDRA:

  • INDRA NAVY is a joint, biennial military exercise conducted by India and Russia 
  • It started in 2003.
  • The exercise is tasked with boosting cooperation and interoperability between the Russian and Indian navies.
  • The word INDRA is a portmanteau of the participants’ respective countries.
  • The exercise involves live firing drills, as well as air defence and anti submarine operations. Additionally, counterpiracy, terrorism and drug smuggling operations are carried out.


The end of the Cold War which brought greatly reduced defense budgets saw a collapse in ship building and naval activity in Russia throughout the 1990s. During this time, the Russian navy had no presence in the Indian Ocean. This changed in 2001, when a contingent of naval ships, including anti-submarine warfare vessels and a tanker docked at Mumbai. In April 2003, nine warships of the Russian navy departed from their bases at Sevastopol in the Black Sea and Vladivostok for the Indian Ocean. These units engaged in a number of exercises with the Indian navy. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov proposed joint naval exercises to be held later that year.

The 12th edition took place in the Baltic Sea from 28 to 29 July 2021.

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Consider the following pairs of military exercises:
Exercise Countries participating
1. YUDHABHAYAS- India and UK
2. INDRA- India and Russia
4. GARUDA- India and France.

Select the correct pairs using the code given below.

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The average score is 33%


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 Source: PIB


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